UNM REU Feedback - General

I believe that the experience I gained in this program was absolutely essential in my being accepted into graduate school. It helped direct my interests towards materials science, and provided valuable research skills.
- Kendra Kathan (REU 2003)

I feel like the REU program gave me a better sense of how frustrating research can be. I also realized how much knowledge and planning is required to complete even relatively simple tasks in the lab.
- Lyons Brendan (REU 2005)

The REU program exposed me to a new region of the country, the beauty of which I had not known before. My impressions of Chemical Engineering had been altered such that I recognized its interdiciplinary nature as an emerging modern area of study.
- Kissel Dave (REU 2003)

Learned that I did like doing research in a lab. Learned that I did not want to focus on materials research in the future. Loved the opportunity to live in another part of the country and meet other students from all over the US.
- Nick Auyeung (REU 2004)

It helped me realize that sometimes experiments don't work, but understanding why they don't work is often just as important as getting them to work. It also helped me learn some basic things about electrokinetic phenomena, and was helpful to work in the lab.
- Alexander Romero (REU 2005)

I'm much more aware of research material and research programs throughout. I'm very glad I know the implications of research studies now, because it gives me a good look at what to expect. I also know what to expect much more for graduate school, than if I hadn't done the program. Plus, I know how to interact with RAs and professors, which is an awesome ability to have.
- Spencer Jacobs (REU 2005)

Excellent experience, great exposure to real grad-level research, one-on-one contact with professors and graduate students. Made me feel like an integral part of the research effort. Helped reinforce the I chose the right major.
- Joshua Krauss (REU 2004)

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