UNM REU Feedback - Academic & Career

I learned several very important things about graduate school. I intend to go to graduate school someday, and feel much more prepared for it as a result. It helped me to narrow down what I would like
- Meghan McHenry

The REU helped me get to know different fields and methods of research outside of my own. It helped me to decide what to focus on in grad school and narrowed down my grad school choices.
- Brendan Turner

The UNM REU program helped me to solidify my interest in not only material science, but in the area of research as well. I plan to apply to graduate school next year
- David Browne

I plan on applying to a PhD program at UNM to start Fall of 2009
- Timothy Pica

The UNM REU program helped me learn more about academic research and it helped me identify my interests.
- Alex Capecelatro

It was a great research experience that provided me with first-hand research experience. It allowed me to know what to expect when I became a research assistant with Columbia University.
- Julia Szprengiel

I was introduced to many great aspects of researching and graduate school propsects. It very much influenced my decision to enroll in graduate school.
- David Lavenson

It was very beneficial to me, I continued my education and I am pursuing a chemical engineering graduate degree along the same lines as the research I conducted as an REU student
- Levi Houk

It helped me in making my choice as to what sort of advanced degree, if any, I wanted. I had previously not considered getting a Ph.D., but after the UNM REU I am quite set on becoming a professor.
- Lisa Chen

The REU was a very beneficial experience for me on an educational lever. I was a physics and chemistry major, and on the fence about what I wanted to pursue after I graduated.
- Katherine Chapman

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