UNM REU Feedback - Personal

It taught me a great deal about working in an advanced level academic environment. It gave me a great deal of experience, professionally and interpersonally. I would not trade the experience for anything.
- Meghan McHenry

The UNM REU introduced me to a diverse group of students and scientists, allowing me to broaden my view of academia.
- Brendan Turner

This REU program allowed me to spend the summer working on an interesting project. I was also able to live with like-minded individuals who were as serious about research as I was. I was also able to see a part of the country that I have never been to.
- David Browne

The program pushed me toward graduate school.
- Timothy Pica

The experience was amazing and truly left a great impact on me. I made a lot of close friends, and in addition to having lab experience, the program provided day trips that were awesome!
- Julia Szprengiel

I met a lot of great people, both peers and elders, who helped me put into perspective what I had been looking for over the next 5-10 years of my life.
- David Lavenson

Conducting research in a foreign country under a heavily bureaucratic system will be quite a feat, but having interacted with a myriad of colleagues and superiors at UNM gives me a great deal more confidence in my current position.
- Lisa Chen

The REU gave me a great networking opportunity. I am still in contact regularly with several of the students in the REU. Also, it gave me a unique opportunity to explore an area of the country that I would not have experienced otherwise.
- Katherine Chapman

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