NSMS REU Projects

* The NSMS REU Projects are in the process of being updated

The Nanoscience and Microsystems REU program offers a wide range of projects and aims to make the best matches between student and project. Projects for the 2014 program have been tentatively defined below. When applying to the NSMS REU program, applicants are encouraged to indicate their preferences for specific projects.

Nanoscience of Biosystems: Nanoparticle Platforms for Targeted Delivery, Polymerization of a “Smart” Cell Culture Biomaterial, Biosensor Detection of Protein Aggregate Toxicity, Antimicrobial Coatings of Oligo Phenylene Ethynylenes, Nanomechanics of Osteoporotic Bones.

Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion: Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Support Effects in Heterogeneous Catalysts, Conjugate Polymer Composites for Solar Cells
High-Efficiency Multijunction Photovoltaics, Light Harvesting with Cooperative Binary Ionic Solids.

Microsystem: Nanostructured Flexible Fibers For Energy Storage, Radiometric Characterization of Focal Plane Arrays, Capillary Effects on Tribology in MEMS devices,
Focusing and Separation of Analytes in Microfluidics, Electrocaloric materials for thin film heat engines.

Feel free to browse the "Quad Charts" below to get an idea of the types of projects in the NSMS REU and what our students have accomplished in recent years:

a REU 2016 Quad Charts (13.0 MB, .ppt file)
a REU 2014 Quad Charts (13.0 MB, .ppt file)
a REU 2013 Quad Charts (33.0 MB, .ppt file)
a REU 2012 Quad Charts (7.0MB)
a REU 2011 Quad Charts in a list
a REU 2010 Quad Charts (2.6MB)
a REU 2010 Quad Charts in a list
a REU 2009 Quad Charts (3.5MB)
a REU 2008 Quad Charts (3.4MB)

Quad Chart by Evan Lieberman, REU 2010