REU Students

The application process for the Summer 2016 program will begin in January, 2016. For those who are interested in learning more about the application process, click Here for more information.

2015 participants:

The 2015 NSMS REU program concluded on August 02, 2015. The program was a great success.

Amanda Ramsdell
Andrew Fox
Andrew Golembeski
Anica Neumann
Casey Adams
Chris Hirani
Christine Lucky
Diego Gomez
Jacob Erstling
Mallory Evanoff
Natalia Gonzalez
Rachel Quinnett
Sean Najmi

2014 participants:

2014 students

Jordan Ulibarri Sanchez
Michael Bender
Alexander Prossnitz
Nicole LiBretto
Hira Ahmed
Reid Collins
Alexander Munoz
Jacqueline Shortridge
Jamie Daugherty
Zachary Schaffer
Michael Flammia
Klye Kluherz
Shaleena Maji

2013 participants:

2013 students

The 2013 NSMS REU program concluded on August 02, 2013. The program was a huge success.

Reina Buenconsejo
Elena Pandres
Paige Pritchett
Melanie Wiater
Joshua Minster
Kellan Euerle
Ethan Culler
Michael Orrill
Emigdio Turner
Carol Gu
Dominic Sanchez
Monique Cordova
Jay McCabe

2012 participants:

2012 students

REU 2010 Students
REU 2009 Students
REU 2008 Students

Visit the REU Projects page to view slides of what our participants have worked on in past and present years.