REU Students 2008

Ehren Baca, University of New Mexico - Chemical Engineering
Loren Baca, University of New Mexico - Chemical Engineering
Mekensie Buley, University of Oklahoma - Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Christopher Hamlin, University of Maine - Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Horgan, Princeton University - Chemical Engineering
Dan Kluskiewicz, Pennsylvania State University - Physics and Geophysics
Mike Mojica, University of Florida - Chemical Engineering
Nicholas Owepowikz, University of Massachusetts-Amherst - Chemical Engineering
Gustavo Ramallo, University of Mary Washington - Math and Physics
Michael Sanchez, University of New Mexico - Biology and Chemistry
Alison Stace-Naughton, Dartmouth University - Bioengineering
Amanda Staker, Gustavus Adolphus College - Chemistry
Marissa Tousley, Alfred University - Materials Science and Engineering
Stephanie Wild, Grove City College - Chemistry
Bryan Yonemoto, Tulane University - Chemical Engineering
Chuan Zhang, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Chemistry Polymer Track

NNIN REU Students 2008

Damian Ankukiewikz, Columbia University - Applied Physics
Jeniffer Hou, Johns Hopkins University - Molecular and Cellular Biology
Adam Jakus, Georgia Institute of Technology - Materials Science and Engineering
Patrick Jurney, University of Portland - Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Todd, Oral Roberts University - Physics