The University of New Mexico Nanoscience and Microsystems (NSMS) REU Program

The NanoScience and MicroSystems REU held at the University of New Mexico is a 10-week summer research internship program for undergraduate students studying chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and physics.

The NSMS REU program pays for the majority of student expenses - travel (up to $600), on-campus housing, a competitive $5,000 stipend,  the cost of most activities - and focuses on the development of strong student-mentor relationships as well as laboratory and  research skills. The program offers a range of recreational activities and opportunities to experience New Mexico.

The NSMS REU Program has projects ideal for students interested in nanotechnology and materials science. Projects generally fall into three major areas:
- Nanoscience of Biosystems
- Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion
- Microsystems

The UNM REU Program has been awarded NSF (National Science Foundation) grant funding for its 6th renewal and has recently expanded its focus to include broader areas of Nanoscience and Microsystems. Eligible students (must be a US citizen or permanent resident, currently enrolled in a college or university and attending in the Fall Semester following REU participation) are welcome to begin the application process by completing our convenient web-based form. a Begin Application Process

For more details, feel free to view the Faculty section or previous REU Projects.


The Center for Micro-Engineered Materials

The Center For Micro-Engineered Materials (CMEM) has been a site for the NSF REU Program since 1995. The UNM program has recently changed its scope to focus on exciting new emerging areas of research- Nanoscience and Microsystems. Since 2003, the UNM REU program has also been part of the DOD ASSURE program (Awards to Stimulate and Support Undergraduate Research Experiences).

The Center is the focal point for research on advanced ceramics and inorganic materials synthesis. Faculty from Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Physics work in the Center to develop new technologies to make the U.S. more competitive in ceramic science and engineering. The projects are interdisciplinary in nature and use state-of-the-art equipment within the Center and the Advanced Materials Laboratory, a facility operated jointly by UNM and Sandia National Laboratories.

Visit the CMEM web site

The Nanoscience and Microsystems Program

The UNM NSMS IGERT program is a collaborative effort among faculty and fellows from several different scientific departments.This exciting program bridges the distinct properties of the nanoscale to microsystem functionality.  The integrated academic and research activities highlight our capabilities and unique breadth in materials synthesis and self-assembly, nanolithography, interrogative platforms, and functional micro/macrosystems. Learn more about the NSMS IGERT Program

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.0649132. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recomendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The UNM REU program is also funded in part by the DOD ASSURE program