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2015 Project Principal Investigators

Project Titles

  • Protocell Nanocarriers for Targeted delivery of Cancer Therapeutic,
  • Conjugated polyelectrolyte sensing of amyloid protein aggregates,
  • Development of Targeted Nanoparticles Platforms,
  • Platinum Alloys for Oxidation of Small Organic Acids, and
  • Optimizing disinfecting wipes for use in the healthcare industry.

2015 Student Research Projects

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Student: Jacob Erstling
Mentor(s): N/A
Advisor: Jeff Brinker
Student: Amanda Ramsdell
Mentor(s): N/A
Advisor: Jeffrey Brinker
Student: Natalia Gonzalez
Mentor(s): N/A
Advisor: David Whitten
Student: Mallory Evanoff
Mentor(s): N/A
Advisor: Eva Chi/David Whitten
Student: Anica Neumann
Mentor(s): N/A
Advisor: Plamen Atanassov